Exchange Systems

Real-time, Distributed & Scalable

A full suite of Exchange technologies which seamlessly plug and play into your existing infrastructure.

Structured around the Erlang environment to allow for maximum availability, scalability and the smallest possible resource footprint.

Download Alpha Preview

The preview utilizes Kubernetes to deploy the matching engine package to your local linux system. At this time the preview is compatible with both Debian and CentOS Linux flavours.



We use Kubernetes as our primary deployment package, and offer a number of standard configurations to get you started without any complex integration work. Please contact us if you are looking for a bespoke deployment package which will integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.


Kubernetes Deployment

Load the Kubernetes package into your existing infrastructure, and connect to the application using our standard API.


Cloud Instance

Let us deploy directly into your cloud account. We actively support AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Custom Build

Custom install package, custom API endpoints, additional features. Contact us for a bespoke deployment package.


Written with price-time priority matching algorithm, our Matching Engine System supports exceptional order entry, matching and post trade performance, and ensures that each market participant is given the best possible execution.

  • Finite State Machine ensures continuous matching whilst eliminating race conditions
  • System performance scales linearly with the number of trading instruments (orderbooks)
  • 300,000 orders per second entry rate (single instrument)

Take a closer look at our performance metrics and testing methodology.


We provide a range of options with everything from a free Docker image, Pay As You Go on your favourite cloud, to a full range of On-Premise packages utilizing Kubernetes.

Pay As You Go Deploy
On-Premise Order
Implementation Packages

Implementation Packages

All of our products come with documented APIs for both configuration and general use of the software.

We provide a standard Python module which interacts with the API and implements the full range of API functionality. This module can be directly integrated into your systems, forked, or you can simply write your own implementation.

Full API documentation and Python Module are available on our public Github page.

Quick Start

Quick Start Guide

Get up and running with our quick start guides. We cover deployment, configuration and a quick hello world.

Detailed technical documentation is available to facilitate complex configurations, implementations, applications and troubleshooting.